Music is a gift that was given to you, but it’s not for you. It’s for everyone else.

These words were spoken to Sam Hozdulick by her grandfather before he passed away, and it’s these same words that she has thereon used as a compass for her musical journey and a beacon for her purpose as a musician.

The LGBT singer, songwriter and guitarist left her hometown of Waxahachie, TX when she was just 14 years old, a feat not known to many people that age. But her journey began far earlier than that when she started to learn music at age 12. The 25-year-old now lives in Denver, CO and is quickly making a name for herself in the music industry.

When asked what ignited the inner knowledge that music would be her career, Sam attributes the ‘a-ha!’ moment to fellow Texas natives, Flyleaf’s, 2007 performance on Total Request Live, better known as TRL. She watched them play and thought to herself, “I can do that.” From that point forward, Sam made it her mission to break through, writing her own music and playing as many gigs as she could.

Sam made her start playing in local coffee shops and monthly charity benefits at Charlie’s Denver. Her big break came from her first of now three appearances at Denver PrideFest, an annual celebration of Colorado’s LGBT community. Performing at Pride exposed Sam to thousands of people that wouldn’t have otherwise heard of her, as well as a feature in The home page of ReverbNation. The depth and beauty of her music have since earned her more opportunities to perform with industry icons and on large stages throughout the state.

With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to ZZ Ward, to her guitar prodigy brother, Sam’s music is soulful and speaks to the heartache that everyone faces, but no one wants to talk about.

Her music is a blend of pop, blues, and acoustic rock, and caters to a unique palate. For Sam, music is a symbiotic relationship; she uses it to heal others while healing herself as well. Her music has acted as a release, a flood to drown out the noise of unstable environments, and a bright light to overpower the dark clouds of life. She touches on topics such as; abuse, addiction, love, heartache while always bringing awareness to the growing need for equality, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

It is these exact traits that allow Sam’s music to transcend being merely catchy tunes, and instead, be relatable and powerful stories. She uses heartache to make connections with her audience, truly making the music for others and fulfilling the words her grandfather said to her.

While Sam’s 2013 debut acoustic LP Music Speaks was a success, the road has not been without a few bumps, including an unexpected fallout with her record label. Since then, Sam has partnered with The Spot Studios and BLDGBLKS Music Company and has re-emerged even stronger with the release of two hit songs, ‘Diamond on the Floor’ and ‘Good Thing (feat. Hypnautic),’ as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign.

When she’s not performing, fiddling around on her guitar, or songwriting, Sam spends her time camping and kicking it with her friends and her black Labrador, Charlie. Her free time may be few and far between, as she has adopted tunnel vision regarding her music career—an essential trait for any prosperous musician. When asked how music affects her mood, Sam replies, “How does it not? It’s the universal language. I feel whatever the lyrics communicate.” With that as a launchpad for her dream, Sam’s mission is simple: use music to tell a story for others to connect to.

Sam hopes to break through the barriers that so many independent artists face in the industry, including financial barriers, the increased access of music, and competition for recognition. With a sophomore album in the works and a budding plan for her first national tour, the sky is the limit for Sam Hozdulick.